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%Blog_Topic%: White Rose

%Blog_Topic%: You Can Only Do What You Can Do

%Blog_Topic%: Water Lily, Painting #2

%Blog_Topic%: 50 Paintings for $100

%Blog_Topic%: After Velasquez (Master Copy) Juan De Pareja

%Blog_Topic%: Stories of Contemporary Realism- Robert Bodem

%Blog_Topic%: Stories of Contemporary Realism- Stephen Cefalo

%Blog_Topic%: Stories of Contemporary Realism- Tara Juneau

%Blog_Topic%: Stories of Contemporary Realism- Alfred Paredes

%Blog_Topic%: Stories of Contemporary Realism- Tony Pro

%Blog_Topic%: Stories of Contemporary Realism- Alia El-Bermani Cary Ann

%Blog_Topic%: A unique art exhibit

%Blog_Topic%: Stories of Contemporary Realism Art Exhibition

%Blog_Topic%: 5 Things you need to do after a painting is finished

%Blog_Topic%: Thank you to Stephen Cefalo

%Blog_Topic%: 10 ideas for paintings

%Blog_Topic%: Oil paintings for $100- Special Project

%Blog_Topic%: New oil paintings on ebay

%Blog_Topic%: Auctioning off art

%Blog_Topic%: Collect gallery quality art on a limited budget.

%Blog_Topic%: Daily Art Special- Still Life Bowl with Lid

%Blog_Topic%: Daily Art Special- Empty Beach

%Blog_Topic%: Daily Art Special- Open Pastures

%Blog_Topic%: Weathered (study)

%Blog_Topic%: Daily Art Special- Rusalka

%Blog_Topic%: Watchtower

%Blog_Topic%: Swallow Fountain- San Juan Capistrano, CA

%Blog_Topic%: Stone Fireplace 9x12 Watercolor

%Blog_Topic%: Still Water - Malibu 14x18 oil

%Blog_Topic%: Japanese Bowl 8x10 Oil

%Blog_Topic%: Social Media specials.

%Blog_Topic%: Muse 24"x18" oil on linen

%Blog_Topic%: New drawing blog

%Blog_Topic%: Italian Coffee

%Blog_Topic%: The Old Guard

%Blog_Topic%: Plaster Vessel with Dried Leaf

%Blog_Topic%: Guest Juror for School District Show.

%Blog_Topic%: Narcissus- Oak Creek Canyon

%Blog_Topic%: Lone Tree- Locket Meadow

%Blog_Topic%: Grass Field

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