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Pumpkins- #70

Pumpkins, watercolor

70 of 100 I wanted to work in a different medium. I had such a horrible painting experience last night that I needed to shock my system; approach this project from a new direction. [...]

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Anchored- Dana Point Harbor - #71

Anchored- Dana Point Harbor, watercolor

71 of 100 I've always wanted to do a painting of a sailboat, but didn't want to do the typical sailboat scene. This got my interest because of the two buoy markers in the foreground and that dark band of the jetty that cuts through the picture. [...]

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Christmas Cheer -#69 of 100

Christmas Cheer- 8x10, oil

69 of 100 I'm not a very talkative person, but I have found there are three things which really excite me and which I love to talk about: My wife and children, Art, and Beer. They bring real joy to my life and I think that's a benefit worth sharing with others. I was introduced to this Christmas Ale by Breckenridge Brewery at a beer tasting I went to with my dad. They paired five of their beers with different foods (all of them really tasty). This was my favorite one from the night. They paired it with a prosciutto and fig [...]

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Swallow Fountain, San Juan Capistrano - 68 of 100

Swallow Fountain, 10x8, oil

68 of 100 I was caught by the contrast of the warm yellow sunlight and the cool blue shadows on the fountain. That's what initially inspired this painting. I tried to retain that idea throughout the painting process, but allowed myself the freedom to be inspired as I painted. I kept the brushwork loose to give a feeling of energy. I think this also helped me focus on the "light event" that I wanted to emphasize in this painting. By keeping the shapes simple, the brushwork loose, and the details to a minimum, the painting has the feel of a fleeting moment, [...]

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Behind the Jetty- Dana Point Harbor- 67 of 100

Behind the Jetty- Dana Point Harbor, 10x8 oil

67 of 100 I like the design of this painting. I was going to put more content in the picture(boat, or buoy ), but it didn't settle with me on a visual level. It would weaken the strong abstract quality that had attracted me in the first place.  To view all current paintings from this 100 paintings 100 Days project, click here [...]

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The Red Rose- 65 of 100

The Red Rose, 8x10, oil

From 100 Paintings in 100 Days for $100 65 of 100 I've always wanted to paint something against a white background. White picks up on the colors around it, so that it's never a true white. It's a challenge to capture that, while at the same time still making it appear as white. I thought people might be interested in how I develop a painting. Below are some pictures of  The Red Rose at different stages.               To inquire about this painting, click here [...]

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A Red Rose

A Red Rose, 10x8, oil

While painting this, I couldn't help but think of Robert Burns' famous poem. Here it is in its original version. A Red, Red Rose 1. O, my luve's like a red, red rose, That's newly sprung in June. O, my luve's like the melodie, That's sweetly play'd in tune. 2. As fair art thou, my bonie lass, So deep in luve am I, And I will luve thee still, my Dear, Till a' the seas gang dry. 3. Till a' the seas gang dry, my Dear, And the rocks melt wi' the sun! O I will luve thee still, my Dear, While the sands o' [...]

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#63 Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor, 8x10, oil

63 of 100 Dana Point is this sleepy little coastal town in Southern California just south of Laguna Beach. It's become a destination point for my family whenever wer're in the area. We love the relaxed, quiet character of the city. To see the other pieces from this project, click here [...]

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The painted signature

"The way you paint is a record of how you see." -James Gurney I read this on James Gurney's* blog, Gurney Journey. You can read the full post here As I paint everyday, I'm starting to see this more and more in my own work. I would take it a step further and say that it is also a record of how you feel. Perhaps it is that place where sight and emotion come together that the "real art" is created. To see how I see and feel, go to my portfolio of works *James Gurney is the best-selling author and illustrator of the [...]

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Reflection- Laguna Beach, CA

Reflection- Laguna Beach, CA, 8x10, oil

62 of 100 I used three colors to create this painting. I wanted to create a simple composition that communicated the feeling of walking along a beach on a cool overcast day. As I painted this, I tried to remember the smell of the sea air, the slight breeze that was blowing, and the sound of the waves breaking upon the shore. [...]

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#61 Into the Canyon- Laguna Canyon Road

Into the Canyon- Laguna Canyon Road

61 of 100 I took this road practically everyday for 3 years while going to art school in Laguna Beach. It was a great time in my life where I met some of my closest friends and learned so much about art. I'm so grateful for that experience. Painting this scene reminded me of how much I loved when the foggy sea air made its way through the canyon and the mood changed. It would be quiet going into the canyon and the light made it feel like early morning. I miss it. [...]

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#60 Japanese Teacup with Lid

Japanese Teacup with Lid

60 of 100 This painting has a strong design, perhaps one of my strongest ever. It has a big presence. I look at this and forget that it's a small painting. I love its simplicity. View/Purchase this piece here [...]

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#59 Still Life- Rose

Still Life- Rose

59 of 100 I like this painting because of all the muted color in it. I think this is more true to how I see things. If you look closely, you can see how the vase picks up the different colors surrounding it. View/purchse this piece here [...]

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#58 A Single Pink Rose

A Single Pink Rose

58 of 100 I used a method called sight-size when painting this. It's a common technique taught in the classical art ateliers. The basic concept is to stand at a certain distance so that the size you see the subject is the size you draw or paint it. Wow, it was hard to work this way. I thought I would apply it quite easily, but to make sure that the subject and the image lined up exactly involved serious concentration and discipline. I have a new found respect for all the artists that use this method. View/purchase this piece here [...]

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#57 Teapot

57 of 100 This little japanese teapot is a subject that I love painting. I like how the loose brushwork gives this piece a sense of energy and movement, of the atmosphere that is around it. I also pushed the contrast of shadows and light, which gives it a dramatic look. [...]

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#56 Wukoki Pueblo- Wupatki National Park

Wukoki Pueblo- Wupatki National Park

56 of 100 One of the most surprising revelations to come from this project has been  in the search for subject matter. Needing new reference material has forced me to discover new and interesting places close at hand. The Wukoki Pueblo is part of the Wupatki National Monument which is close to Flagstaff, Arizona. I lived in Flagstaff for 2 years and my folks have had a house there for over 10 years, but I never knew this place existed. I would probably have continued to be blind to this beautiful place if it hadn't been for this project. View/purchase this piece [...]

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#55 Plaster Vessel with Dried Leaf

Plaster Vessel with Dried Leaf

55 of 100 It's rather paralyzing to be alone in my studio staring at a blank canvas. My head is filled with a thousand awful ideas and images. I don't know how many times that canvas has said to me, "You don't know anything." View/purchase this piece here [...]

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#54 Verde River Sunrise

Verde River Sunrise

54 of 100 One of my goals for this project was to experiment and push myself in ways I wouldn't normally. I want to challenge my creativity and grow as an artist. I was looking at the paintings of Dennis Sheehan who paints in a tonalist style. A lot of his work also comes directly from his imagination. This inspired me to try some paintings in this style. View/purchase this piece here [...]

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#53 Silhouette


53 of 100 I think good art can't be explained. It has to be seen, heard, and felt. It communicates without words. View/purchase this piece here [...]

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Fairhaven Mausoleum Art Exhibition A.D.2010

My paintings Sith[shee] and In Need were accepted into the Fairhaven Mausoleum Art Exhibition A.D. 2010 Continuing the Tradition of Art in Sacred Spaces. [...]

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Bo Bartlett artist talk

I was first introduced to the work of Bo Bartlett at the art school I attended for my undergrad studies. It was part of a group show along with Vincet Desiderio, Steven Assael, and some other artists I can't remember. I felt a connection to his work. I found out years later that he was good friends with Andrew Wyeth. He gave this talk at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine a year after Wyeth's passing in 2009. Bo Bartlett Artist Talk 2010 from Dowling Walsh Gallery on Vimeo. [...]

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#52 Evening Marsh

Evening Marsh

52 of 100 I don't know if this place really exists. I imagined it up. I had been looking at Tonalist paintings and wanted to create something in similar fashion. It's all about mood. View/purchase this piece [...]

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#51 Empty Vessel

Empty Vessel

51 of 100 Vessels are pretty interesting objects. I originally put flowers in this vase, but it didn't look right. I felt the vase on its own created a stronger visual statement. It also allowed for more symbolic depth. "As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers."  - Plato OR... II Kings 4:1-7 (click here to read) View/purchase this piece here [...]

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100 paintings in 100 days for $100 Part 2

Porch at Riordan Mansion

11-November year I started a project where I painted 100 paintings in 100 days and had them for sale for $100+shipping. Due to some constraints, I stopped the project at #50. I am going to finish up the last 50 paintings in my 100 paintings for $100 event. I'll be including some drawings too. Starting October 11,  I will post a new artwork everyday for 50 days. This is a great opportunity to purchase museum quality, original artwork at an affordable price. follow this project, sign up for my newsletter [...]

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