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You Can Only Do What You Can Do

Sake Bottle and Cup 10"x8" oil on linen panel

I started this series of small paintings that I titled, 50 Paintings for $100 It's a way to help people afford original art. For those people who want to start collecting, these paintings can help kick start that collection. I'm 7 paintings in so far and I'm really pleased. But, I did hit a point where I was frustrated and almost abandoned the project before it really took foot.  You see, I don't make my living from my art. My wife works full time, and I work part time in a non-art related field. When I'm not "at work" I'm doing school runs [...]

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Water Lily, Painting #2

Water Liiy, 10"x8" oil on linen panel

Water Lily is the second painting in my series, 50 Paintings for $100. These paintings are intended to help new collectors kick start their collection with an affordable piece of original art. Click here to buy this oil painting of a waterlily [...]

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50 Paintings for $100

The Visitation

Today I lauched a new series called 50 Paintings for $100. Each weekday for 10 weeks, I'll post an 8"x10" original painting and offer it for $100(+shipping).    This is really intended to help new collectors kickstart their art collection with an affordable piece of original artwork. For me, it helps open the storehouse for creativity and ideas. I'm really excited to see what I uncover and discover during this series. It will push me to take some chances, explore new territory and ideas I've held back from, and make some bold decisions. My painting time is limited to the evening after the [...]

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Oil paintings for $100- Special Project

I am opening 25 spots for you to commission 8"x10" original oil paintings from me for $100. [...]

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