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Stories of Contemporary Realism- Alia El-Bermani Cary Ann


Alia El-Bermani

Cary Ann

Oil on Panel
18 x 14


"The query about sharing our stories has forced me to see how the works that I've submitted are connected.  What I realized in looking back, is that these works very clearly represent my life and the changes that have occurred for me in the last few years. Starting with the painting of my friend Cary Ann, which was painted from life in my former Pasadena, CA studio thru to the large nude that was literally JUST finished here in my new home in North Carolina, you can clearly follow how my life's recent changes have affected my work.  I consider figurative painting my first love.  Painting people defines who I am and how I process this world, so when this recent move to the South made me NOT want to paint the people around me, that was a huge deal for me. Feelings of being foreign and disconnected from the people here, forced me to turn to different inspirations for my work.  I became fascinated with the often overlooked, very common southern plants and the abundance of green that now surrounds me.  It was through researching these Southern Weeds (as I call the series) that I started to learn about the South and started to gain a connection to the history of this place and its people.  I have been able to return to my first love, figurative painting.  I do feel a deeper connection and understanding of the people around me.  Though it seems my paintings are merely a direct response to the experiences of my life as they happen, my hope is that there is some universal truths that we can all share in the work.  Honestly representing the emotions, content and characters of my life is the only way I know how to express these universal human truths." - Alia El-Bermani



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Stories of Contemporary Realism




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